Assembled natural stone


This is a panel of natural stone (quartzite, gneiss, or slate flagstones) mounted on a bed of reinforced cement with a light polymeric frame in its base. Each of the pieces is Z-shaped to prevent the sight of the joints. The placement of the pieces is straightforward and does not require specialized labour as there is no wastage of material.

The panels come in 60x15 cm modules with thicknesses of between 5 and 6 cm. They are available in slate, quartzite, granite and limestone. 'Tacopanel' is a patented product.


The resin panel is composed of natural stone (quartzite or slate slabs) joined by a resin specially formulated for this type of product. It does not carry any kind of reinforcement on the back.

It is especially suitable for interior coverings. It is available in both thin and thick finishes. Special corner pieces are also available.